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08 Jun 2016

I created an Agility roadmap last week. Allow me to explain. I have about three weeks remaining before the end of my current client engagement, and I didn't want the team to stagnate and not improve further when I left. So I decided to set them a few challenges.

I used my coaching backlog (I use Trello to track impediments I see and implemented practices and behaviours) to identify the teams current impediments and what I think they need to do, and came up with a list of about 10 things I wanted the team to either change or adopt. They were split into 5 'levels', the idea being that the team would focus on the 3 Level One practices first, before adopting the Level Two ones and so on. It was built in a way that was bespoke to them, and where they currently are on their agile journey. It would not be suitable for any other team, because they would start from a different state.

Of course, it would have been silly to impose all of the changes at once, and ordinarily I wouldn't have even shared such a roadmap with them in case they wanted to cut corners, or even abandon the journey and stay where they were, perhaps daunted by the journey ahead. But I think this team is better than that. I think they can see the roadmap for what it is, and use it to improve the way they work. In case you are wondering, Level 5 comprised one challenge: "Experiment". I made it clear that the journey was not at an end, and that they could continue to improve, but in a scientific, measurable fashion.

Hopefully, they will also soon have another coach available to them, at least on a part time basis, to help them.

What do you think about such a roadmap? Is it a good idea to have something to guide an agile team through a transformation? Or do you think it's too prescriptive? I fully expect them not to follow it exactly, by the way.

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