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I created an Agility roadmap last week. Allow me to explain. I have about three weeks remaining before the end of my current client engagement, and I didn't want the team to stagnate and not improve further when I left. So I decided to set them a few challenges.​ Continue reading
Got a wicked problem? First show me how to make toast. Agile teams have been using cards and sticky notes to visualise their work for many years now. Visualisation makes things so much clearer and easier to understand, as well as ensuring that plans are dynamic and collaborative. But the concepts of collaboration, feedback, openness and visualisation that characterise Agile, can also helpfully be applied before a Backlog ever gets refined. Continue reading
Have you ever been in an agile estimation session that seems to drag on for hours? Where the team makes so little progress, you have to wonder why you're doing it? Isn't there a quicker way? Well, yes there is. But before we go there, let's first understand why your planning poker sessions are taking so long. Continue reading
Once upon a time, there was a programme manager​ named....let's call him Bill. Bill had been asked to deliver a Big Strategic Project (BSP) that was planned to take over four years to complete and, with over 400 people involved in two different countries, and including third party suppliers, cost over 100 million QuidBucks. But the programme would deliver much more than that in long-term benefit if it was successful, and Bill was really pleased to have been chosen to deliver this BSP. Continue reading
​It has been said that the most important thing a leader can do is to set and maintain the culture of the organisation. In some cases I have seen, there is a lot of management but not a lot of real leadership. But recently I have seen first hand, a perfect example of how the behaviour of a leader can set culture and lead change. Continue reading